How do I get in touch?

We are building out a contact form for support / refunds / sales. Due to be live by mid July. Please come back here for updates.

How do I request a refund?

If you paid by bank transfer - we will be releasing a form in the next weeks to complete for return of funds.

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Will you be taking on new orders?

No, we will no longer take on new order payments.

What happens with custom?

We have stopped taking payment orders on wyldcustom for months and is now as a request platform. You can still make a request there. madehq.au

I’m missing a refund?

Please double check the refund hasn’t occurred or lodge a chargeback where needed. Alternative if you paid via direct credit - please wait for the form to be live shortly.

There was a messy transitions of brands we are working through from our end. We are committed to sorting as soon as possible.

What is custom?

Australian made to order. Delivery process and options are different. Please contact the team to learn more.

Delivery is handled by specialist frieght and sms 1-2 days before delivery. Please note this when making your purchase as these items are large.

All times are estimated.